The Elements


Each of our five rooms represents a different element from which you can experience.


Earth is the element of grounding, stability, and becoming one with your body. It is the most balancing and nourishing of the elements.

In your session: By being surrounded by aspects that symbolize nature you will be automatically transported into the lush green forests, making you feel centered and one with your body.

This is where you can receive a couples massage and other full body and specialized massage therapy services.


The element of fire has been used for thousands of years in healing, purification, eradicating illness and diseases, and even getting rid of bad habits. Fire is seen as being both destructive and creative. The heat and warmth manifest its power in both touch and sensation.

​In your session: you will experience fire in all senses. From the warmth of the massage table to the hot stones and warming light of the candle lit room.


Air is the most rejuvenating and cleansing of all the elements. Its ability helps eliminate the body of all harmful toxins. Without Air one cannot exist hence, making it one of the most important elements.

In you session: As you breathe in our delicate and refreshing aromatherapy you will be healing your body form the inside as our massage therapist heal your body externally.


Water is one of the most nourishing elements. It cleanses, restores, and refreshes. Water aids in spiritual regeneration and helps us get in touch with our emotions and subconscious. The sound of water can be used as a vehicle for mediation and relaxation.

In your session: during your massage the sound of delicate waterfalls will help ease your mind as well as your body.


Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being. It can be used in treating as well as in prevention of diseases. Some uses include anxiety reduction, pain reduction, increasing energy and short-term memory, preventing hair loss, and reducing itching caused by eczema.

Essential Oils have many uses such as, chronic or acute pain relief, arthritis & rheumatism, reducing inflammation, enhance immunity, relaxing and soothing he nervous system, aid in the treatment of strains, sprains, and other muscular injuries, detoxifies cells of the body, powerful anti-oxidants and anti-aging, and Removes heavy metals. Each element has its unique blend of oils to bring about their effects of well-being.

~The Earth blend element promotes peace, fertility, money, business success, stability, garden growth, employment. The essential oils of Cypress, Vetivert and Patchouli are helpful to tune into these aspects of the Earth element.

~The Air blend element promotes communication, travel, intellect, eloquence, divination, freedom and wisdom. The essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass, and Peppermint can help you increase your abilities in this area corresponding to the Air element.

~The Fire blend element promotes communication, physical strength, manifesting the Law of Attraction, course, will power, purification, protection. The Fire element can be enhanced by the use of Frankincense, Rose Geranium, and Tangerine.

~The Water blend element promotes love, healing, peace, compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness, friendship, de-stressing, sleep dreams, psychic abilities and purification. Essential oils of Chamomile, Lemon, Spearmint.


***It is our policy to ensure that our oils are procured from reputable distilleries who make quality and purity their priority.

All of our oils are either WILD CRAFTED or ORGANIC.

All the essential oils we source have manifestos of purity.***