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What are the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy?

What are the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy?


Origin of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is known as the oldest form of health care. Many cultures have helped cultivated the art of massage therapy. The first use of massage therapy date back to as late as 2500 BC. The first recorded massage therapy practices originated in India. In the Hindu religion, healers use the art of touch in Ayurvedic medicine. Massage therapy is classified as the basis of holistic medicine. The combination of therapeutic touch, relaxation, and aromatherapy does more healing to the body than one may think.


Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many benefits that come with the incorporation of massage therapy in your life and there are different types of specialized massages, such as, deep tissue, hand and foot reflexology, medical, aromatherapy, and sports therapy which are all services we provide here at Seven Elements Wellness Spa that provide the same if not more health benefits.

Let’s begin with your brain, a highly important organ that rarely gets the rest it needs. Living in the modern age, our brains are constantly working, multitasking, and there never seems to be enough time for a mental break. Massage therapy can improve your mental state, by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins (your happy, feel-good hormones). As a result, this can relieve migraine pain and improve mental alertness.

Your body is a vessel that is in constant motion and needs time for recharging. Incorporating a regular massage into your daily routine can also improve your physical wellness. Therapeutic massage can enhance the body’s immune system through stimulation of lymphatic fluid. Also, massage therapy can lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, improve flexibility, help fibromyalgia pain, relieve body pain such as aches in muscles, joints, and lower back.

Lastly, a commonly overlooked but very vital component to massage therapy, the improvement of your emotional well-being.  In the rush of daily life, it is important to wind down and reflect. Making massage a component to your routine will provide you with a euphoric feeling of well- being.

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